iPSC-derived Allogeneic Cancer Immunotherapies

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iPSC-derived Allogeneic Cancer Immunotherapies2023-05-12T23:38:37+01:00

Plasticell is developing ‘off-the-shelf’ cellular immunotherapies for patients with haematological malignancies and solid tissue tumours.

Immunotherapies have revolutionised cancer treatment by programming immune system cells to attack malignant lesions. Cellular immunotherapy is currently dominated by CAR-T therapies which are personalised medicines, made for a single patient from their own blood cells, using a complex and costly manufacturing process. Plasticell is developing alternative immunotherapies that can be manufactured at large scale and provided ‘off-the-shelf’ to treat multiple patients.

Our products are manufactured from an unlimited source of iPSCs which have been modified using proprietary genome editing technologies to engineer product quality attributes such as greater tumour-specific toxicity and increased patient safety. We use our combinatorial stem cell screening technology, CombiCult®, to develop robust differentiation platforms that convert engineered iPSCs into specific immune effector cell types such as natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages.

The global market for cellular immunotherapies was US$ 7bn in 2022.