Plasticell’s CombiCult® is an award winning, combinatorial screening technology that allows scientists rapidly to develop new and improved cell culture protocols. The technology is capable of testing many thousands of combinations of cell culture variables simultaneously to identify optimal laboratory protocols for any given outcome in cell biology. Compatible with all cell types, including stem cells and iPSCs, CombiCult® can be deployed in applications such as stem cell expansion and differentiation; optimal cell line selection; gene transduction; and the provision of rare human cells for in vitro drug discovery, toxicology or clinical trial stratification.

CombiCult® – how it works

This short video provides an overview of how CombiCult® is used to discover optimised cell culture protocols, for example in stem cell differentiation.

CombiCult® – workflow

This video shows how a typical CombiCult® experiment is performed in the laboratory, illustrating e.g. instruments, disposable labware, sample manipulation and working volumes.

Ariadne® – bioinformatics

This video is an introduction to Ariadne®, our proprietary bioinformatics software that helps scientists visualise and analyse data from CombiCult® experiments.

“Our group at UCL has used CombiCult® numerous times for the rapid determination of novel and efficient protocols for ES cell differentiation. The second generation system is a remarkably effective screening method, which has clear advantages over both manual and automated processes.”

– Chris Mason, Professor of Regenerative Medicine, University College London