Plasticell to collaborate with Pfizer, Cellzome and University of Sheffield in a £1.4 million Technology Strategy Board-funded stem cell project

Plasticell, the biotechnology company specialising in high throughput technologies for directed stem cell differentiation, has announced that the Technology Strategy Board has funded a research consortium comprising of Plasticell, Pfizer (Neusentis) and the University of Sheffield, led by Cellzome. The project will develop methods of characterizing stem cells through protein fingerprints predictive of changes in stem cell behaviour.

The Technology Strategy Board will provide a grant ofapproximately £0.9m towards the project as part of its Regenerative Medicine Programme.

Dennis Saw, Chief Executive of Plasticell said, “We are pleased to be able to contribute our longstanding expertise in directed differentiation of stem cells to this multidisciplinary team comprising leading groups in the field. The research will address a critical issue in human stem cell research, with downstream applications in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies.

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