Plasticell acquires rights to six human embryonic stem cell lines

London, UK, 14 January 2008. Plasticell, the biotechnology company developing regenerative drugs using high throughput stem cell technologies, has entered into an agreement with Axordia Ltd (Sheffield, UK) to exploit and market a panel of six human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines.

hESC lines are specialized cells capable of forming all tissues of the body, and are thus a source of human cells for research and transplantation therapy. While a large number of hESC lines are thought to have been derived worldwide to date, very few are ethically compliant, well characterized and of proven practical utility.

Under the terms of the agreement, Plasticell has obtained a licence to exploit in any way, make, have made and sell the hESC lines Shef 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 which were derived at the University of Sheffield, a leading UK stem cell research centre.

“Obtaining rights to these high quality hESCs enables Plasticell to offer a fuller product to its customers, that is to say an appropriate human pluripotent stem cell line together with matched and optimised differentiation protocols derived using CombiCult™, the company’s high throughput stem cell differentiation technology” explained Dr Choo, Chief Executive of Plasticell. “In addition, Plasticell aims to use the cells in a range of screening assays for its regenerative drug discovery programme (CombiScreen™) and for licensing to pharmaceutical companies.”

All lines are fully compliant with UK ethical and regulatory requirements and will be shipped to Plasticell’s customers and collaborators directly via the UK Stem Cell Bank, ensuring the distribution of cells that meet the highest quality control standards.

About Plasticell 

Plasticell is a privately held, London-based biotechnology company using innovative, high throughput stem cell technologies and novel drug discovery platforms to dissect the mechanisms leading to differentiation of stem cells, the master cells responsible for tissue development and repair. Plasticell’s research focus is to discover regenerative small molecule drugs. The company also forms industry alliances by partnering its Combinatorial Cell Culture™ technology for high throughput stem cell differentiation to derive cell lines and reagents for research and therapy applications. For more information please visit the company’s website:

About Axordia 

Axordia is one of the UK’s leading hESC companies and one of the few companies worldwide capable of deriving its own hESC lines. The company is focused on producing a range of novel cells and kits that will enable drug discovery and the production of quality-assured cells for transplantation to patients suffering degenerative disease and injury.

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