Plasticell increases flow of stem cell therapy pipeline

Plasticell founder named “Best CEO in the Stem Cell industry” by European CEO magazine Plasticell, a developer of stem cell technologies and cell-based therapies, has announced that the Company’s founder, Dr. Yen Choo, has been named “Best CEO in the Stem Cell Industry” by European CEO magazine. This accolade in part recognises Plasticell’s success in organic growth as well as [...]

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Published scientific data demonstrates Plasticell’s CombiCult® technology platform expands stem cells in umbilical cord blood

Plasticell, a leader in high throughput technology to develop stem cell therapies in regenerative medicine, has announced the publication of peer-reviewed scientific research in the journal Stem Cells and Development, which demonstrates how the company’s award-winning platform technology can be used to discover novel cell culture protocols that expand specific populations of therapeutic stem cells present in cord blood. Hematopoietic [...]

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Plasticell completes £1.32 million financing to advance therapeutic projects

Plasticell, the biotechnology company specialising in cell and gene therapy research, announces the completion of a two-part equity financing round, raising a total of £1.32 million from its shareholders and new investors. The investment will provide capital to progress the company’s therapeutic programmes, including the expansion of hematopoietic stem cells and in vitro manufacturing of blood products such as platelets, [...]

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Plasticell and CellSpring collaborate to validate osteogenic cell therapy and 3D cell culture models for high performance drug screening

Plasticell, the biotechnology company using combinatorial technologies for stem cell research and optimization of cell and gene therapy manufacturing, has announced it is collaborating with CellSpring, an innovative company that has developed a high throughput 3D cell culture system, the 3D Bloom® Biopolymer Platform, which enables more informed “stop/go” decisions for preclinical candidates. Plasticell and CellSpring are developing tissue [...]

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Plasticell and National University of Ireland initiate cancer stem cell collaboration

Plasticell, the biotechnology company using combinatorial technologies for stem cell research and the optimization of cell and gene therapy manufacturing, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) focused on methods of eradicating cancer stem cells. Many malignant tumors are initiated and maintained by a discrete population of tumour cells that [...]

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Plasticell awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation

Plasticell is pleased to announce it has been awarded the 2016 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The award is the UK’s highest accolade for outstanding commercial success as a result of innovation in recognition of Plasticell’s contribution to the advancement of regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy as well as other areas of biomedical research. Dr. Yen Choo, Plasticell’s [...]

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Plasticell and Sphere Fluidics sign research collaboration to develop gene transduction technology leading to safer and more efficient gene therapies

Plasticell, a biotechnology company using combinatorial cell culture technologies for optimization of cell and gene therapy manufacturing, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with Sphere Fluidics, a company specializing in single cell encapsulation and screening. Plasticell has used its proprietary Combinatorial Cell Culture™ (CombiCult®) platform to develop inexpensive, high-efficiency gene transduction protocols as alternatives to costly commercial transfection [...]

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Plasticell and Pierre Fabre Laboratories sign a partnership to identify natural stimulants of brown fat for treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes

Plasticell, the biotechnology company specializing in stem cell differentiation, and Pierre Fabre, the 2ndlargest independent French Pharmaceutical laboratory, have today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement. The two companies will work together to discover plant-based products that enhance the metabolic function of brown adipose tissue (BAT) – also known as ‘brown fat’. Plasticell will screen Pierre Fabre’s ‘Nature Open [...]

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Plasticell appoints Dr Aaron T. T. Chuang as Chief Scientific Officer

Plasticell, the regenerative medicine company utilising its award-winning combinatorial technologies for stem cell research and in developing cell therapies, has recruited Dr Aaron Chuang to its executive management team in the role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Prior to this appointment, Dr Chuang served as Research Director at the Regenerative Medicine unit of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where he worked for over [...]

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Plasticell wins Innovate UK funding for £1.6 million cord blood stem cell manufacturing project

Plasticell has announced that Innovate UK has made a further investment in a therapeutic programme utilising CombiCult®, the high throughput stem cell technology designed to solve bottlenecks in regenerative medicine development Innovate UK will provide a grant of approximately 1.3 million GBP to a research consortium led by Plasticell for a project entitled ‘Ex-vivo expansion of cord blood and bone [...]

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